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Prospect PyroPower GreenGo Cable Park Board - Guys


PR Pyro-1

Prospect’s Eco construction isn’t just an alternative, it is performance driven with Purpose. From domestically sourced materials, to using our PyroPower technology to create pop and and pressability. All Prospect boards are hand crafted and built in house at our factory in Sacramento, California. 

The “GreenGo with PyroPower” uses a Basalt and Carbon layup that is an industry first material tech from Prospect. Basalt is a natural fiber sourced from volcanic rock which is lighter, stronger, and more flexible than traditional glass. We then add Carbon reinforcements in critical spots to support pop out of the water.

The PyroPower GreenGo is an awesome hybrid stick with awesome pop off the water, pressable in the park, and just might be the best candidate to survive a brutal winch session. The PyroPower IS a wakeboard game changer. Get on your shred stick and go.

An industry first material tech, basalt is sourced from volcanic rock and is lighter, stronger, and more flexible than traditional Glass
A new revamped wood core uses a domestic hardwood combination that is optimized for strength and low weight.
Midbody Carbon reinforcement stiffens the board in the binding area for pop out of the water while tips stay flexible and pressable.
007 Bonding Agent kills edge blowout