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Lucky Scooter Recruit Deck


If you love your child and want to make them happy, as well as look cool, you will get rid of that foldable, low-quality scooter and shower them with joy by purchasing the new coveted Lucky RECRUIT™ Pro Scooter Deck.

The Lucky RECRUIT™ Pro Scooter Deck was created for those younger (4-10yrs) little rippers who are looking to ride a high-quality, entry-level pro scooter at an affordable price.

The Lucky Recruit™ Deck is made with all the same high-quality materials that all Lucky products are made so you can feel confident that this pro scooter deck will be durable, light and safe so that those little shredders can ride and step up their skills for a long time coming. Who knows, they may even become next world champ!

The Lucky Recruit™ Deck: Deck includes Gripper tape, Black 110mm Steely brake, Hardened Rear axle, and wheel spacers.

**Headset is not included and must be purchased separately. **