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Lucky LS GUNMETAL Dirt Scooter



The Lucky LS Gunmetal dirt scooter was designed and tested in partnership with Lucky pro rider Li’l Jon Aglialoro in order to fine tune handling and performance.

The result of their hands-on testing has paid off and a dirt scooter was born. The solid design and high-end components on this new lineup of Dirt Scooters make for the ultimate dirt experience!

We redesigned the head tube and went with a plunge through design to make it bullet proof. We adjusted the welding temps and re-programmed the robots to weld with tighter precision and slower pace to really sink in the welds.

We partnered with Kenda to bring a fresh new dirt jumper tire that is park friendly and screams in the hard packed dirt jump to gain traction and speed to go bigger!


• Weight: 17.15lbs lbs lbs (7.78kg)
• Deck: Dirt Scooter Deck 25” x 5” | 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum
• Bars: 23”H x 23”W | 4130 Chromoly Tig Welded
• Fork: Dirt SMX fork | 4130 Chromoly Tig Welded
• Clamp: SCS
• Brake: LuckySteely Brake | Spring Steel
• Headset: Lucky Fully Integrated
• Grips: ViceGrips
• Tires: Kenda
• Wheels: 8 inch Aluminum Core